Uncovering Multifamily Energy Efficiency Opportunities


Seattle City Light and the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment wanted to gain a better understanding of the potential for energy savings across Seattle’s multifamily market. They wanted to explore opportunities for upgrades, address market barriers to energy efficiency and identify areas for remaining energy conservation potential. This project included a review of related City-oriented policies and a deep dive into the local multifamily ownership and decision-making spectrum. Milepost sought to establish valid, relevant conclusions that would result in a high level of investment and confidence from project sponsors.


Milepost conducted research, in partnership with TRC, JDM Associates, Clean Energy Solutions and the Seattle 2030 District, to reveal best practices across the U.S. multifamily market, uncover barriers to participation for regional stakeholders and identify new technologies that could be employed. This was achieved using a well-implemented research strategy that included customized survey instruments and techniques, a thorough technology assessment, stakeholder follow-up and engagement, and final reporting for the client.


Recommendations focused primarily on low and mid-rise buildings 20 years or older and included: a deep retrofit pilot, a ‘tenant move-in package” comprised of lighting and appliance improvements as part of improving curb appeal, reducing first costs through multiple financing options, activating trade allies to help “sell” the program and an overall simplification of the engagement process.


  • Market Research
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Stakeholder Engagement 


Seattle City Light


1 year

Project Lead:

Julie Hayes Ask Me Questions