Municipal-Scale Savings Programs


A large West Coast Utility wanted to understand options for implementing low and no cost, behavior-based initiatives with commercial building customers. Changing codes and standards have contributed to increased building efficiency, yet there was still an opportunity to engage people to stop wasting energy. A pilot project in Charlotte, NC and a Milepost-led demonstration project in Seattle, WA provided the basis for a new initiative designed to engage business employees in reducing their workplace energy waste.


Milepost collaborated with several other consultancies to develop the outreach, engagement and training for a behavior-based initiative that worked with businesses of all sizes to engage their employees to reduce energy waste at work. We performed market research, identified key strategies around lighting, heating and cooling and plug load, and worked with behavioral economists and the sales team to develop tools and engagement campaigns. Milepost also provided training, materials and facilitation for project participants, project implementers and building operators to better understand their opportunities for using less energy.


As of March 1, 2016, over 900 businesses have enrolled in the initiative and the utility is well on its way to reaching a savings goal of 45 million kWh, simply by inspiring people to power down.


  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Communications
  • Training Development
  • Event Planning


West Coast Utility


14 months

Project Lead:

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