Shifting Strategies to Reflect the New Norm


Salmon-Safe provides public-facing endorsement of sites and practices that protect water quality and watersheds of the Pacific Northwest. In light of the metaphorical wrench the 2020 pandemic threw in the wheels of global business practices, Salmon-Safe recognized a need to develop a plan for reaching future partners and customers while their usual marketing mediums – such as in-person networking – are restricted. Salmon-Safe engaged Milepost’s services to take a closer look at their customer-facing value proposition and messaging strategies and see how they could be refined and further developed for relevance in a post-COVID world.



We began by interviewing the Salmon-Safe team to get a better idea of their customer groups and which groups would be the focus of the project. We developed a survey to dig into the challenges each group faces in attaining certification or accreditation, understand the benefits Salmon-Safe provides and typical methods of reaching each audience. We conducted a brand audit to look at previous campaigns and existing messaging, and a landscape assessment of Salmon Safe’s place in the market and how they differ from competitors.



After analyzing the information collected to understand what would appeal to – and motivate – each audience the most, we ended up with eight distinct urban customer groups. Our team then drew out the top-line and secondary value propositions that would be especially relevant to each group in the era of COVID, with differing angles based on whether certification or accreditation may be pursued. We created targeted messaging that would appeal to a group’s specific priorities and values while also addressing the often unspoken questions of “why?” and “what’s in it for me?” with direct benefits and the unique advantages of choosing Salmon-Safe over other options. The questions and challenges repeated the most were included as a recommended FAQs page. The final deliverables brought all this information together in clear, concise language that can be used to streamline communications with prospective customers, helping the Salmon-Safe team effectively, accurately and consistently talk about their program and its value.



  • Change Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Market Research
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Presentation Development & Design




3 months


Project Lead:

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