Sharing Sustainable Practices Across the Mango Industry


After completing two supply chain sustainability assessments for the National Mango Board (NMB) in 2010 and 2014 in countries that covered over 60% of mango imports to the US, it became clear that among the many practices for growing and packing mangos, there was a significant opportunity to increase sustainability across the industry through the sharing of environmental and social responsibility best practices. With these objectives in mind, Milepost created a set of sustainability platform that consisted of a comprehensive set of tools that could be used by producers and packers across Latin America and the Caribbean to improve operations from a sustainability and resiliency perspective.


It was critical to the success of the project that mango producers, packers and importers felt ownership of the platform. For this reason, our first activity was to create a special committee sourced from the NMB’s board of directors to advise and provide feedback through development. From our many years working with producers, we recognized the resistance the initiative could receive due to reporting fatigue, with producers often forced to report out various levels and kinds of information to please their many buyers. To combat this, we identified and concentrated on practices that were relevant to major buyers in order to make reporting easier. Finally, we wanted to create an easy-to-use, visually-engaging, didactic guide that provided a description of best practices as well as their rationale, cost of implementation and resources for more in-depth information.


Milepost developed a full suite of tools, in English and Spanish, including a best practice reference book, training guides, webinars and evaluation protocols for the platform. In addition, we provided training for NMB personnel on how to use the tools and developed a launch plan for the initiative. The tools are available to producers and packers in most mango production countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and are currently being shared by local mango associations and their agents to engage members in sustainability.


  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Market Research
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Facilitation
  • Team Training
  • Branding & Graphic Design



National Mango Board


12 Months


Project Lead:

Michael Roy, PhD Ask Me Questions