Reinforcing a Sustainable Brand Through Long-Term Partnership


Every year, Office Depot releases a report to highlight its sustainability achievements from the previous year. Milepost was first contracted to create their 2018 report. For 2019, they asked us to develop a new report that would be similarly successful, but with a completely fresh look and feel that would unify the company’s three main brands: Office Depot, Grand & Toy and CompuCom.

For the 2020 report, we continued to push the boundaries of what makes a report compelling while reinforcing Office Depot’s upbeat and optimistic brand and commitment to corporate social responsibility.


What we find remarkable about Office Depot’s ongoing story is that their sustainability program not only strives to lower the environmental impact of their business, be a great place to work and support their local communities, but it also helps other businesses meet their own sustainability goals through Office Depot products and services. How many brands can say that? Office Depot is truly positioned to inspire change well beyond its company walls. Each year we collaborate to create a new theme and through that, a framework for their report that illustrates Office Depot’s achievements along metrics such as waste, emissions, packaging, energy consumption, diversity, inclusion, equality and community support. While we craft a look that uniquely reflects the year of the report, we are careful to consistently support the company's banner brands and uphold its business model.


The finished reports are clean, colorful and easy to digest, making it clear that when a company of Office Depot’s stature makes a commitment to sustainability, the effect is measurable, meaningful and contagious. The reports now come from a unified voice while incorporating the distinct identities and storytelling from each brand. Although organized in the traditional People, Planet and Profit sustainability buckets, the messaging strategy and fresh yearly approach to design make these reports truly stand out. And now in our fourth year of supporting Office Depot, we bring the value of institutional knowledge and process efficiency that makes creating the reports a joy.

2020 Report: Redefining Success: Helping people, communities and businesses thrive

2019 Report: Evolving, Refining and Aligning: Finding our common purpose through sustainability

2018 Report: Sustainability: A way of business for us, a resource for you


  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Messaging & Storytelling


Office Depot


3 years


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