Powering Up TVA Business & Industry


Tennessee Valley Authority EnergyRight supports local power companies (LPCs) in helping their business and industrial customers save energy, cut costs and improve workplace health and safety through smart energy technologies. Realizing that many businesses are not aware of the available options from their LPCs or the benefits to their bottom line and employee satisfaction, TVA wanted to create a presence at conferences for customers to learn about solutions that might be right for them, without any sales pressure. Milepost partnered with EnergyRight to develop a creative and fresh approach for their conference exhibit – one that would create a relaxed and approachable setting, increase traffic, lead to meaningful, informative conversations and build lasting relationships.


To differentiate TVA from other conference exhibitors, Milepost developed a 20’ x 20’ energy technology bar called the Power Up Café. The booth became a place where customers could “power up” their bodies by grabbing a free latte branded with the TVA logo in the coffee’s foam and on the cup sleeve. Over coffee, commercial and industrial customers could engage in conversation with TVA “energy baristas” and their LPCs, or look through a catalog of smart energy technology offerings to learn about ways to power up their business. The messaging strategy was simple: Stay current. And simple, free advice was exactly what the booth offered. Designed to be sleek and sophisticated like an Apple Genius Bar, with the warmth and approachability of a coffee shop, the Power Up Café included an “incentive menu” in the style of a chalkboard menu, which increased engagement with the content.



Working together, TVA EnergyRight and Milepost successfully created an innovative marketing strategy that felt modern and fresh. The Power Up Café helped TVA and its LPCs serve and connect with their customers and leave a lasting impression. The experience provided customers with personalized attention and solutions designed specifically to meet their individual needs in a comfortable and creative environment. Something as simple as serving coffee with a unique foam logo drew in their target audience in larger numbers than ever before. Conversations happened naturally while waiting for their drink to be served and continued in a genuine way over their beverage. The booth naturally provided an environment that energized conference attendees and helped them recharge themselves and “stay current” by learning ways to improve their energy strategy.




July - October 2019


Project Lead:

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