Making Organizational Alignment Fun


After working closely with TVA’s EnergyRight® Solutions for Business & Industry (ERSBI) group to redesign team roles and functions to spur increased innovation and collaboration, ERSBI leadership enlisted Milepost to plan a launch meeting that would create a high level of team engagement and support for the new functional model.


Milepost used storytelling to develop a train travel theme, which served as a metaphor for the team’s change and upcoming journey. All aspects of the meeting, from the agenda and location to branded collateral, were built around the theme to drive the impact home through a consistent narrative. We developed exercises that allowed for maximum participation, including time for each team member to present to others about their role and questions to generate group dialogue around how the functional model and tools would fit within existing work flows.


Hosted at a local train museum, the launch introduced the functional model to ERSBI staff as a train journey to 'Extraordinary' complete with personalized, branded tools to support the team’s 'travel'. We provided each employee with a train ticket detailing their role, a passenger manifest explaining colleagues’ roles, a roadmap outlining the destination and goals during the journey, and an infographic-based quality checklist specifying working norms and standards. Participants felt the process and resulting model were “unifying” and were excited to take their “programs to another level”.


  • Market Research
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Executive Coaching


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)


6 months


Project Lead:

Holly Baird, MBA Ask Me Questions