Helping the Mango Industry Understand Its Risks


The National Mango Board (NMB) wanted to conduct a sustainability assessment that would enable producers, packers and importers of mangoes into the U.S. to share industry best practices, ensure supply chain risks and opportunities were known to the best possible degree, and guarantee all the above were supportable by accurate and relevant data.


Milepost designed a materiality assessment to gather information about Board perceptions of sustainability and created a methodology that gathered both social and environmental sustainability data from growing regions in Mexico and Brazil. This included an online, self-reported data gathering component as well as on-site visits designed to validate reported data. The project’s emphasis on primary data gathering and a baseline comparison, along with the creation of a multi-year self-assessment tool for producers and packers, resulted in a robust data set and report that is representative of the industry and allows for informed decision-making.


We successfully completed a greenhouse gas inventory and net carbon footprint calculation for a kilogram of mangoes produced in Mexico (2010 and 2014) or Brazil (2014 only) and imported into the U.S. This effort led our client to better understand their risks and opportunities in relation to sustainability and opened the door to the creation of a sustainability program that encompasses both production and packing.


  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • GHG Inventory
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Messaging & Storytelling


National Mango Board (NMB)


20 months


Project Lead:

Michael Roy, PhD Ask Me Questions