Grounding Sustainability in Data


NatureSweet is one of the largest vertically integrated and branded tomato producers in the U.S. With a desire to cut costs, differentiate its brand, be proactive in mitigating human and environmental risk and seek above and beyond performance requirements of retailers, NatureSweet needed to develop a sustainability strategy built around customized indicators that evaluated its entire supply chain on an annual basis.


Incorporating all aspects of NatureSweet’s supply chain, including the seven production facilities spread across Mexico and the U.S., Milepost mapped the company’s entire business process against environmental and social impacts. In collaboration with NatureSweet personnel, we identified over 100 environmental and social indicators that combined company specific and retail specific reporting requirements. Due to the enormity of the data collection process, Milepost trained key NatureSweet personnel in data collection, reporting and quality.


Milepost developed data collection, analysis and training tools, managed the internal report design and creation and presented project findings to the CEO and leadership team. We created NatureSweet’s highly detailed annual internal environmental and social risk report for 7 years, which was used by NatureSweet to become an industry leader on employee engagement and allowed it to make critical internal decisions supported by robust environmental data. By2012, NatureSweet had added two additional production facilities and employed approximately 5,000 people.


  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Team Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Messaging & Storytelling




6 years


Project Lead:

Michael Roy, PhD Ask Me Questions