Generating Enthusiasm for Performance Management


Seattle Parks and Recreation wanted to roll out a Performance Management Initiative that allowed the 1,500-person organization to gain greater visibility into their impact on the community and access data to illustrate progress to funders. Because performance management is often poorly received, leaders anticipated challenges to getting employees to not only embrace the new initiative, but feel excited about its power to inform choices and ensure they were improving the lives of citizens. They turned to Milepost to build a strategic communications effort that would successfully engage and energize employees at all levels around the initiative.


Milepost began the process by facilitating conversations among the initiative’s key stakeholders to gain a solid understanding of their goals, barriers to be strategically addressed, opportunities to highlight and leverage, and target audience insights. Milepost crafted a comprehensive Communication Plan for the initiative that included a timeline of recommended roll-out activities, branding that would help the initiative stand out and feel fun, fresh and exciting, and the distillation of large amounts of information into concise and easy-to-digest communications.


We delivered a full suite of tools that ensured that all communications matched in tone, messaging and design. Most notably, the Performance Management Initiative Manual not only defined the initiative, but connected it directly to the organization’s mission and strategic plan. It also specified concrete steps that Parks staff could take to integrate the initiative into their unique roles. Following the launch, the lead initiative designer was promoted and credits the Manual as a key influencer given the success of the roll-out and adoption.


  • Facilitation
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Branding & Graphic Design


Seattle Parks and Recreation


3 months


Project Lead:

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