Focusing on People in Seattle's Fresh Bucks Program


2018 was a monumental year for the City of Seattle’s healthy food program, Fresh Bucks. Developed and managed through the Office of Sustainability and Environment, Fresh Bucks provides vouchers for free fruits and vegetables to Seattle residents who have a hard time accessing or affording healthy food. In 2018, Fresh Bucks leveraged a new funding source to expand the qualifying population for the program, providing over 600% more food vouchers than the previous year. This facilitated almost $1.5 million in produce purchases, supporting healthy lifestyles and boosting the local economy. To achieve this success, the program experienced many upgrades to make it easier to access the vouchers and shop with them. Fresh Bucks hired Milepost to help communicate the evolution of the program and upgrade the look and feel of its materials, refreshing the brand to reflect the growth and vibrancy of the program and the people who use it.


Our project started with a solid visioning session. This would be the first time Milepost worked with the Fresh Bucks brand, and we needed to fully understand the desired aesthetic, target audiences, key messages and goals for our collaboration. Our mission was to provide a complete program overview and its 2018 achievements, and help people truly comprehend the outcomes generated. We knew we could not simply use messaging with strong data points alone – we needed to make the story come alive and invoke an emotional connection by showcasing feedback from program participants.


Our collaboration resulted in two pieces of collateral - a Fact Sheet and an Impact Report. Both pieces of collateral merge messaging, infographics, testimonials and photos to make the pieces eye-catching, easy to skim and meaningful. By pairing infographics with testimonials and photos of Fresh Bucks users, we connect readers to the humans represented in the data points… something we think is often missing from infographics.


  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Messaging & Storytelling


Fresh Bucks Seattle and King County


3 months


Project Lead:

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