Educational Tools for Commercial SEM


After producing a set of Industrial Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Talk Cards, a portable educational tool to help building managers, engineers, and maintenance staff gain a greater understanding of the energy efficiency opportunities in their facilities, NEEA contracted with Milepost to create a redeveloped and improved upon deck relevant to customers in the commercial sector. Because SEM has only recently gained traction in the commercial sector, where it is quickly building momentum, it was important that the Talk Cards speak to the unique and diverse needs of commercial customers.  


Milepost began by gaining a solid understanding of NEEA’s goals for the effort through discussions with the project sponsor. After this was established, we sought insight into the target audience, the barriers that needed to be strategically addressed; and the critical components necessary to engage commercial building engineers. In an effort to maximize NEEA’s investment in developing the Talk Card collections, our team provided recommendations on which cards could be re-used from the industrial deck, new cards and sections to be developed, and improvements that could be made to the structure and design of the deck for clarity and ease of understanding. Milepost then developed a brand to help the Talk Cards stand out and look fresh and interesting, and developed a content structure to distill large amounts of information into a concise and easy-to-digest educational format.


The final deck of 154 double-sided Toolbox Talk Cards on Commercial Energy Efficiency provide key learning points and discussion topics on energy efficiency meant to engage staff and provide them with information needed to pursue energy efficiency in commercial buildings. The cards include the items that most commonly contribute to poor building performance, with bite-sized pieces of information that can be used to initiate conversation around energy efficiency practices to reduce operations and maintenance expenses and improve operational practices. The deck also includes a set of inspection checklists for building walks, and additional resources should the reader want more information on a topic. The deck is now located on the SEM Hub website, where they can be downloaded for free.


  • Market Research
  • Technical Resource Development
  • Data Collection & Content Creation
  • Branding & Graphic Design


Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)


4 Months


Project Lead:

Tashina Jirikovic, MSc Ask Me Questions