Driving Energy Savings Through Behavior


The Garrison Institute and project funders, the Bullitt and Boeing Foundations, were interested in demonstrating the energy savings impact of specific tenant behavior change initiatives in commercial office buildings.


Milepost worked with Social Scientist Dr. Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez to develop a new approach to measure tenant behavior. This approach informed the engagement strategies employed to encourage office workers to reduce energy consumption through simple behaviors, such as powering down electrical equipment, changing thermostat settings and turning off lights. Utilizing a combination of observational research, interviews, surveys and focus groups, we established an accurate picture of employee energy use behaviors and patterns, which informed the activities included in an internal office competition and recommended changes to equipment and technology policies.


The pilot created a replicable process and protocol to audit tenant behavior in an office setting, which enabled the client to see savings attributable to a behavior intervention. As a result of the intervention, tenants showed an average monthly savings of 16% over baseline for a full year, indicating lasting savings and change.


  • Program Design
  • Behavioral Audit
  • Change Management
  • Facilitation
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Data Collection & Reporting 


Garrison Institute


18 months

Project Lead:

Tashina Jirikovic, MSc Ask Me Questions