Building and Branding 2030 Districts Resources


The 2030 Districts is national public-private partnership composed of leading U.S. cities seeking to reduce the environmental impacts of the built environment. With a rapidly expanding, diverse roster of partners and collaborators, they wanted to undertake a comprehensive redesign of their vast online resources to ensure available tools were inclusive, professional and consistent. The 2030 Districts network needed a fresh design that would accommodate new resources and partnerships, organize the information in a user-friendly format and establish an engaging, aligned brand.


Milepost conducted a comprehensive review of the available resources and performed a gap analysis to guide development of additional tools. We worked with staff and stakeholders to refine and implement a branding strategy among web resources and leveraged existing materials and partnerships to build a comprehensive set of 2030 Districts Toolkits. Toolkits included district formation, technical assistance, metric development and tracking, and branding – everything needed to launch new districts and support existing districts to improve. Milepost created original graphic components for Toolkits and guided the web developer through site design.


The 2030 Districts network debuted a beautiful, easy-to-use website that serves the diverse needs of current participants as well as cities starting their own districts. The enhanced 2030 Districts Toolkits offer thorough yet simplified information and tools that help districts brand, market, build membership and advance sustainability goals.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Technical Resource Development
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Strategic Communications


2030 Districts Network – Architecture 2030


1 year

Project Lead:

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