Converting a Conference Exhibit Into a Digital Experience


Just as we finished designing an interactive, multimedia exhibit for TVA to showcase their Home Uplift program at in-person conferences, COVID hit. A great deal of time, creativity and resources had been invested in this innovative conference booth – all of which we did not want to see wasted. Furthermore, TVA still wanted to share Home Uplift’s success with stakeholders and partners. As digital engagement became the most viable path forward, we converted their physical conference booth into an engaging digital experience that could be used for online conferences and would be appropriate for other online marketing platforms.


Our in-person exhibit was exciting because we had created a unique environment for users to walk into. On every surface was a way of digesting some level of information – whether they watched videos on kiosks, read infographics splattered throughout the floor, or looked across a photo montage on the walls to see the faces impacted by the program and read their stories, their experience was self-guided and totally up to them. We aspired to create something similar with the revised digital version – one that would support users jumping around the multimedia content and engaging with the storytelling in a variety of ways. Since we had spent most of TVA’s budget on the physical exhibit, we needed a solution that could utilize as much of the existing artwork and videos as possible, while still creating something appropriate and powerful. So what did we do? We created an ePub.


An ePub is a relatively new medium. It is like a PDF on steroids. It allows for navigation (like a website), buttons that open pop ups (hello, more information for the deep divers), animation, video and audio like voiceovers and background music. And the best part is that we could make the ePub using the same software we had used to create the in-person exhibit graphics, allowing us to simply resize much of the artwork. TVA has been able to roll out their new ePub at multiple online conferences, share it on their website and use it to promote their program through social media. Check it out here.


  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Customer Outreach & Engagement
  • Messaging & Storytelling


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)


6 months


Project Lead:

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