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Like many brands, Office Depot Inc. annually produces a report that details their sustainability commitment and achievements to update their shareholders and suppliers, engage their associates and provide customers and prospects with details around their sustainability efforts. In 2018, Milepost was hired to help them invigorate their reporting effort and create a report that would improve engagement and readership, and help them stand out amongst other brands producing similar reports.



What we found remarkable about their story is that their sustainability program is unique in that it not only strives to lower the environmental impact of their business, be a great place to work and support their local communities, but it also helps other businesses meet their own sustainability goals through Office Depot products and services. How many brands can say that? Office Depot is truly positioned to inspire change well beyond its company walls. We created the theme of “Sustainability… A way of business for us, a resource for you," and through that, created a framework for their report that illustrated Office Depot’s achievements and those of their customers for every metric. For example, Office Depot reported that 48 percent of their waste was diverted from the landfill while also highlighting its takeback programs for toner cartridges, electronic devices and batteries – programs that make it easy for customers to increase their own landfill diversion rates.



The finished report is a clean, colorful and easy-to-digest report that makes it clear that when a company of Office Depot’s stature makes a commitment to sustainability, the effect is measurable, meaningful and contagious. The messaging strategy, although organized in the traditional People, Planet and Profit sustainability buckets, made this report truly stand out. Finding a brand's unique message is what it takes to illustrate leadership and get the recognition each brand desires. Check it out.




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  • Branding & Graphic Design


Office Depot


March-June 2018


Project Lead:

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