A-Town Powers Down: Replicating Success


In 2011, the City of Atlanta launched the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (ABBC), one of the inaugural projects for the Department of Energy’s national Better Buildings Challenge. Since its launch, ABBC has worked with building owners, tenants, property managers and public servants to commit 100 million square feet of building space to the Challenge and achieved over 11% energy savings. ABBC significantly exceeded participation and savings targets through a deliberate, coordinated approach to partnering with public and private stakeholders. As a result of this success, ABBC received inquiries from other cities across the U.S. asking, “How did you do it?”


Milepost worked closely with a range of stakeholders who helped launch and grow ABBC with the goal of uncovering Atlanta’s secret to city-wide resource efficiency success. After mapping the stakeholders involved to create a complete picture of how the program emerged, Milepost conducted a series of stakeholder interviews, asking the hard questions to uncover the best practices used from initiation through implementation. Milepost then developed a customizable model and toolkit that would enable other cities to learn from Atlanta’s achievements.


Milepost created a user-friendly, module-based online implementation model and toolkit that other cities and organizations can use to create their own resource efficiency effort that replicates Atlanta’s success. The model contains 10 modules, allowing users to select the component(s) most applicable to their efforts and location. With elements of success, tools and templates, implementation insights, helpful hints and Atlanta accents, each module delivers a complete, practical map and provides keys to driving collaboration across diverse stakeholders for maximum program adoption.


  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Market Research
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Strategic Planning



Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (ABBC)


1 Year


Project Lead:

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