Heather Gray

With more than two decades of experience in graphic design and art direction, Heather Gray is a versatile creative who is passionate about combining her visual storytelling skills to produce engaging, innovative solutions for Milepost clients. Her extensive background in magazine publishing, digital marketing, and content strategy leads Heather to care about every word on the page as well as every pixel.

Heather may be a landlocked Hoosier, but she has a deep love of the ocean and visits a beach every chance she gets. When away from a screen, Heather is likely painting (gouache and watercolor), cuddling her cats, gardening, or convincing a little creature to be her friend.

  • Overcast skies
  • Loud noises
  • Artificial sugars
  • Bad kerning
  • Coffee

I collect a variety of interesting things, including insect specimens, vintage drugstore products, rocks or leaves from our travels, folk art, and my cats’ whiskers.