Dave Backen

As Sales Director at Milepost, Dave brings extensive experience in the energy and utility industries, having worked at both a utility and with companies serving those utilities. He is passionate about creating and growing long lasting client, employee and community relationships. His other areas of expertise include sales, strategic planning/forecasting, leadership and community relations. Past positions include Energy Services Director for PacifiCorp, as well as Vice President and Director positions at several consulting companies. Dave’s role at Milepost is to provide the sales leadership to help the company grow and stay relevant in the industry. Outside of work, he enjoys time with family and birding with his wife, Rebecca.

  • Negativity
  • The smell of garlic
  • Impatience
  • Late arrivals
  • Slapstick comedy

Feeding hummingbirds from a hand-held button feeder is one of my great delights!