Daniel Gaddis

Daniel Gaddis has over a decade of experience in community engagement from his time as a public school educator and planner in local governments. He is skilled at relationship building, facilitating discussions, and bringing a variety of stakeholders to the table. He is fascinated with public policy and engaging with the community to bring optimal solutions to the fore. Working in local government has afforded Daniel valuable experience in the intersection of community and economic development and the built environment. Prior to joining Milepost Consulting, Daniel worked on business retention and economic development initiatives for his hometown of Marietta, Georgia.

Daniel holds an undergraduate degree in education from Georgia Southern University with a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver.

  • Passive aggressive behavior
  • Materialism
  • The feeling of emptiness after finishing an excellent book
  • Passivity
  • Olives

I am nearly 400 miles in and three states down in my lifelong goal of section-hiking the Appalachian Trail.