Colin Bright

Colin is a designer and illustrator with extensive experience building brand identities, collateral, campaigns, and environmental graphics for organizations with regional and national footprints. He’s an insatiable doodler with a knack for finding visual connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, who hasn’t been seen without a sketchbook in-hand since 2003. With a background in environmental studies and a decade of service in municipal government and utilities administration, Colin approaches Milepost’s design projects with a wealth of practical understanding.  

As an active leader in the design community, Colin serves as president of the VT/NH chapter of AIGA, and represents the design community at state level conversations as a member of the Vermont Arts Council’s Creative Network steering team. He lives in central Vermont, where he enjoys introducing his kids to the wonders of the natural world on grueling uphill hikes, convincing his dog that chickens are to be seen and not herded, and regularly finishing trail runs several minutes behind his wife. 

  • Stale erasers 
  • Lukewarm coffee 
  • Roads without pedestrian amenities 
  • Prepayment penalties 
  • The month of November 

was a tuba player in high school, and to this day I can still play the Star Spangled Banner on a traffic cone.