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Hi! We’re Bolt, Zap, Newton, Watt, Breaker and Spark. We’re the Monster Detective Collective—an engaging, off-the-shelf kids’ energy education program specially-designed for utilities.

Empowering Kids

Created in partnership with our friends at Milepost and the Tennessee Valley Authority, our materials help you build meaningful relationships with your younger, harder-to-reach customers through award-winning, engaging materials that promote lifelong energy efficiency behaviors. As the Monster Collective, we focus on educating kids because they are powerful contributors to—and participants in—their home energy use.

A 2016 study published in Nature Energy revealed that energy efficiency programs targeting children can have lasting impact on household behavior.

Transforming Energy Behavior

From interactive workshops to engaging activities, we provide your utility with the tools to teach elementary-aged kids in your community how energy is made, how it’s used, and how they can reduce their energy use.

Kids are empowered to join the collective as an “energy detective” and lead their families in making wise energy use choices.

Energy education program package

With our easy-to-use educational materials, you'll receive everything you need to teach kids in an interactive and fun energy workshop.

Workshop Materials
Interactive Presentation

Engage kids in energy education through a dynamic presentation. Our team of Monster Detectives guides attendees through rooms in a typical home to show how and where energy is used. Along the way, attendees can point out energy saving opportunities and behaviors that “light up” with a click on the screen.

Award-Winning Activity Book

Reinforce the workshop lessons at home with our dynamic kids’ activity book. The take-home activity book creatively engages kids in energy education beyond the workshop and opens doors for family participation. Through puzzles, connect the dots, coloring pages, and more fun activities, kids build on their new energy detective skills to track down wasted energy in the home.

View Sample Activity Book

Evaluation Form

Measure the workshop’s impact and gather real time feedback on the presentation with a printable, kid-friendly evaluation form. This will help ensure you provide kids and adults with the best possible educational experience, while gathering valuable program successes to share with your leadership.

Leave-Behind Poster

Bolster the energy lessons and your brand beyond the presentation with an engaging leave-behind poster at the workshop site. Designed to appeal to children and adults alike, the 16”x24” poster reinforces energy reduction behaviors while positioning your utility as a community leader.

Facilitator Guide
Train the Trainer

Our empowering pre-recorded train-the-trainer webinar will equip any presenter with the tools and training to lead an interactive workshop from start to finish.

Content Guide

We give you step-by-step instructions for using the provided materials in our accessible content guide.


Bring the Monster Detectives to your utility terrority.

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Our beginnings
with the Tennessee Valley Authority

Our beginnings<br /> with the Tennessee Valley Authority

As the Monsters, we got our start in 2018 as the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) EnergyRight® Monsters. TVA, the nation’s largest public power producer, saw a valuable opportunity to reach a new audience – kids – at their community energy efficiency workshops. TVA partnered with Milepost to create a fun and engaging way to educate children about using energy wisely.

As the EnergyRight Monsters, we’ve successfully engaged thousands of kids—and their families—for TVA and its local utility and community partners. But don’t just take our word for it! TVA’s 16-page activity booklet took home the Gold Medal for Special Publications at the 2019 Utility Communicators International’s Better Communications Competition.

With the Monster Detective Collective, you can bring the same award-winning engagement to your community!

Are you ready to engage your customers with the Monster Detective Collective?

We're launching a pilot in September 2021!

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